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Welcome to version 1.5 of the X-Files Web Archive! As you may be able to tell, this site is best viewed on a computer. If anyone found this site and doesn’t know, the X-Files is one of the longest-running sci-fi series in network TV history, centered around two FBI agents named Mulder and Scully who specialize in unexplainable and often supernatural cases. It began in September of 1993 and ended in May of 2002. Along with two movies, it would go on to pick back up again for a two-season reunion in 2016 and overall produce 217 episodes.

Throughout the 1990s, its active online fanbase grew with the popularity of the internet and the novelty of personal homepages, hosted on websites like Geocities, Tripod, and Angelfire. Magazines such as TV Guide and Entertainment, as well as the various X-Files centered magazines, covered the top sites, and reported the common trends within the community. This archive stands as a way to look back at this era by providing a collection of the sites still up today. Additionally, the evolution of this fanbase really presents an interesting research opportunity, as it quite literally grew with the internet, and is still active today, of course. It was created by a lot of searching and clicking on a lot of dead links and many automatic downloads of midi files of the show’s theme onto my computer. (Watch out for that by the way. I promise they don’t do anything to your computer, and you can play some of them in Garageband!)

1000 or so pages are sorted into the sections to the left. Sites I find to be particularly interesting or worth looking at are marked with a red star. (xgif) I choose not to alphabetize so that it is easier for me to add more sites as I find them or if they are submitted to me. THANKS + SIGN THE GUESTBOOK + HAVE FUN LOOKING AROUND !!!


Q: Who made this, and why do they have so much goddamn time on their hands?
A: Well, you could have phrased that a bit nicer...My name is Vincent, and I'm a senior in high school. (Note: I am nonbinary, do not think a man made this...#womeninstem well im not a woman but you get my point) Somehow I got all this done in between college applications and such. I started watching XF in June of 2021, and now it's like...my thing. To be honest, this site was cobbled together completely by looking up random how to articles. I believe I started building the site in August or so of 2022 and have worked on it for many, many hours since. I think this is definitely one of my most original experiences. In terms of social media, I think it can be inferred from my creation of this website that I'm not really into modern social media, but you can find me on tumblr here. I also do have an exception to my rule for xf twitter, my username on there is @scullygirl96.

Q: Does the archive accept submissions, constructive criticism or general suggestions?
A: Definitely! My requirements for viable sites are these: 1. It must have at least 2-3 working links, 2. It cannot just be a links page. Please send submissions or any of the latter to the email xfwebarchive@gmail.com or on Discord at @scullygirl#9162. I will definitely respond faster on Discord.

Q: I don't want my site on here. How do I get it removed?
A: Sorry about that! Contact me by email at xfwebarchive@gmail.com or on Discord at @scullygirl#9162 and I will remove it.


Everything you see was collected through use of the following sites: The Geocities Gallery, courtesy of Restorativland, and The Wayback Machine, and a few searches through Oldavista. I also give credit to Fanlore for inspiring and helping me with the X-Phile history section. Absolutely zero copyright infringment is intended upon any basis.



7/24/23: hit counter has been broken for a while, neocities says we're at 32,101!


7/24/23: I saved this one a while ago because I knew it deserved a spotlight- I haven't personally read it but it seems to be a thoroughly thought out fan-written, fan-illustrated comic. I like how they drew M+S.

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